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Place Your Sales Process on Autopilot So You Can Get Paid Even While You Sleep!

Exclusive online community for experts, coaches, thought leaders, personal brands and service-based entrepreneurs reveals how to turn your ordinary business into a money-making machine using time-tested and easy-to-implement online sales systems.

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Dear Friend,

Are you overwhelmed with the entire online marketing process and desperately need a way out?

Is the whole online business thing becoming more of a burden than a blessing?

Would you like to discover how to automate your entire sales process, so it can bring in more money and deep-pockets clients even while you’re sleeping?

If yes, then this letter is going to show you how to slash your work time, do way less but get bigger results.

You see…

There are two kinds of online business owners:

  • The ones who do very little but get the most results and make more money. Then there are…
  • The ones that work tirelessly all through the day, stay up all night and try to master every single internet tool but still get very little results.

If you find yourself in the second category, I’m going to show you how to break out and start bagging big clients without pitching every single day.

Discover how to bag high-ticket clients without lifting a finger.

Hi, my name is Temi Ajibewa, popularly known as the Electric Temi. I am a personal brand coach and sales funnel expert.

I run a 8-figure brand with over N50million in revenue in the last 5 years and have successfully trained over 20,000 entrepreneurs on how to create profitable brands by building high-converting sales funnels for their businesses. In 2018, I was awarded The Entrepreneur of the Year by the Women On Fire Initiative and The Business Coach of the Year by Entrepreneur Africa. 

In 2019, I won the Coach of the Year award by Crystal Services and this is in addition to the many media features I have enjoyed like the ones below:

But I must tell you, it wasn’t always this way. I was once like you…

For years, I was a struggling business owner trying to keep up with the ever-growing internet innovation but kept on hitting a wall.

Throughout this period, I was just making enough money to keep myself afloat but never enough to call myself a real entrepreneur.

It was until I met an amazing mentor, Ronald Nzimora, who taught me how to create a high converting sales funnel for my business and within three weeks of implementing what he showed me, I made over 2 million naira.

Now, permit me to digress a bit here…

Maybe you’ve seen it so many times and you’re wondering What exactly is a sales funnel?”

Well, think of a sales funnel as the entire process you pass through when buying something from a store. Maybe first, you see the billboard or the advert on TV, it appeals to you, you walk into the store and buy what you want and pay for it.

But in this case, the entire process is online and it is fully automated. You don’t have to lift a finger to close a new deal. Your customers see what they like and pay for it without any interruptions (to your sleep).

That’s all. That’s a sales funnel.

So back to my story…

After I implemented the sales funnel formula I learned from Ronald, I got over 100 sign-ups for my program in three weeks with an ad budget of just N60,000. At N20,000 per sign up, that was a massive 3,333% return on investment.

That was how I turned my little N60,000 into over N2million in three weeks.

And since then (four years now), I’ve spent countless time and effort refining and fine-tuning this system so it can yield far better results for any business owner who implements it.

Temi is all about action and results. She is quick to roll up her sleeves to help you get your desired outcome. She helped me set up my first webinar. By the end of my webinar, in about 2hrs, there was N1.4million sitting pretty in my account. Temi is a sales strategist; dishing out multiple pathways to executing your sales goal. With Temi, it's no fluffy talk, just pure hacks that lead to cash. By the time she is done with your business, you'd say I understated her capacity. She is electric. Period.
Bankole Williams
Life & Career Coach
Today, I’m going to handover this same 7-figure money-spinning system to you. But first, I need you to sit back for a moment and think about this…

I want you to…

  • Imagine not having to scavenge for clients just like everybody does but have them begging you to buy from you.
  • Imagine going to bed by 10 pm, not the usual 1 am and waking up as late as 5 am with fewer money worries.
  • Imagine waking up to multiple credit alerts from new customers every single day (this happens to me all the time).
  • Imagine not having to worry about Instagram and how many followers you have or who is unfollowing you.
  • Imagine getting a 3,300% ROI in your business. That’s enough to turn ₦10,000 into ₦330,000
  • Imagine belonging to a Mastermind Community where you can share daily ideas and source mutual solutions.

Wouldn’t that change your life forever?

I mean…

All these could be yours with the business-building system you're going to get now.

A More rewarding and Stress-Free Business Life

And look, if you don’t believe what I say…I totally understand.

Before I met my mentor who taught me how to create this money-printing system, I had experienced continuous rip-offs from so many con men posing as experts on social media.

They promised heaven on earth but delivered hell!

I almost thought there was no other way to build a highly profitable business on a shoestring budget until I met Ronald and everything changed.

You too can rewrite your story today by becoming a part of an amazing and growth-focused community.

This is your chance to finally gain…

More Spare Time, More Impact, More Clients and More Money!

If you would like to become part of this exclusive online community and enjoy all these benefits…this is your moment.


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Sell Your Brand Club is an exclusive online-based monthly membership program where I’ll show you how to create a high converting sales system for your online business and brand.

And being the first of its kind, this club will teach you all the requisite skills and strategy you need to create a profitable brand even if you are just starting out in business every single month.

But know this…

This club isn’t for everyone.

It’s not for:

  • People with Ponzi scheme mindset, living for the next shiny business opportunity after another.
  • People who are not ready to put in the work to gain actual results but just want a quick fix.
  • People who do not want to belong to a growth-focused mastermind community.

But this club was specifically created for:

  • Passionate entrepreneurs including thought leaders, authors, personal brands and service-based entrepreneurs, who are tired of the rat race and would like to create systems that bring in money even when they’re away.
  • Entrepreneurs who are ready to study and execute what they learn to get optimum results.
  • Business owners who are not scared to try out new methods and would like to set up new systems to build long-lasting, renowned brands locally and internationally.

If you’re this type of entrepreneur and would love to get started now, the SYB Club is certainly for you.

The SYB Club will give you the perfect blueprint, tools and strategies you’ll ever need to build an online business that has an unlimited flow of clients.

Ready to accept your invitation now?

Here's what you'll get inside the SYB club:

  • Blazing Strategy Masterclasses

    Every month of the year, you'll be getting fresh, blazing strategies that you can implement immediately in your business to double your sales. This master class is strictly on hot business tips and tools that you can implement and get results immediately and won't find them anywhere else. Not even on Google.
    Worth: $449

  • Monthly Hot Seat Session and No B.S Question & Answer Session

    During this session, I will answer all your questions on how to build a profitable brand and how to double your sales. This session will also include a Hot Seat session where I'll give a full business review to one community member. Trust me, you've not seen anything like this.
    Worth: $599

  • Monthly "Goal-getter" Challenges

    Every month, you will be partaking in a goal-getting challenge where a specific goal is to be achieved using the tools and strategies you have learned thus far.
    Worth: $199

  • Guest Expert Session

    Monthly, we will bring on an expert on the topic of the month to share even more on how we can grow our brand and business. These sessions are recorded and added to the membership resource vault. So you can revisit at your convenience to learn more. This is goldmine
    Worth: $249

  • SYB Club Spotlight (Ultimate)

    Weekly, we shine the spotlight on a club member and promote him/her to our network of over 70,000 high profile individuals. So, the lucky club member gets high-ticket traffic to their business free of charge.
    Worth: $1,249

  • Members-Only Directory

    All our active members enjoy the opportunity to be visible to other members in our members-only directory. This will surely enhance your business growth and profitability.
    Worth: $Priceless

  • Gated Facebook Community

    This is where you get all-round support, feedback and learn the strategies I use in my 8-figure business amidst other passionate individuals building their brands just like you. This group is private and not open to the public.
    Worth: $349

  • Offline Events

    Once you join the community, you automatically qualify to join our annual vacay and retreats at huge discounts.
    sn't that amazing? Wait till you see what we have coming up...
    Worth: $149

Irikefe Ejiro - Edeme
Irikefe Ejiro - EdemeFounder @nigeriapropertyinvestments
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When I came across The Sell Your Brand Club, I felt like this is what I have been searching for my whole life. The SYB club to me is like a lifesaver. I got much more than I expected. It completely transformed my thinking, the way I show up and do business. The club gave me more clarity on what I should be doing and how I should be doing it.

Sell Your Brand Club has broadened my view on the different ways I can sell my brand and the possibility of creating more products from the same service which I never thought of before.

Each time coach Temi shows up, she sparks a fire within me and I find myself hungry for more. She truly is electrifying. Thanks Coach Temi for bringing out the best me. Before SYB I had a blurry picture of my business future, but now, it is not only clearer, I am living in my future already!

Like I said earlier, you can’t find this anywhere else.

Your Entire Business Breakthrough On Pocket-Friendly Budget

Even though the value you’re getting from joining this community is worth over $3,200 and normally, I charge upwards $2,000 for sales funnel coaching…

I had to engage in a ‘fight’ with my team to make it accessible to struggling business owners who are committed to really changing their stories.

So, instead of paying $1,000 or $3,000 to join the club, I’ve slashed the price to the littlest amount possible.


$90/₦40,500 per 3 months

For just $90 per quarter, you can become a part of the SYB Club and partake in all the goodies we have to offer you.

That’s about $1 every day which is less than your meal budget in a day, but could change your entire business life if you invest it wisely now.

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To sign up now, follow the link below to choose your perfect plan

qUARTERly (3 Months)
(save $36/₦16,200)

BI-ANNUALly (6 Months)
(save $82/₦36,900)

Annually (Best deal) 12 Months
(save $174/₦78,300)

And to even make this deal sweeter for you, I'm going to give you an unusual ironclad money-back guarantee.

If you sign up to the SYB Club now, and after 7 days you feel this club didn't live up to your expectations or doesn't match your business goals, there’s no need to panic.

Just notify me immediately via this email address ( and you’ll get a full refund.

No gimmicks! No tricks!

I take my investment very seriously and I don’t joke with that of others. So if you feel the club didn’t deliver on the quality of content as promised within your first 7 days, I’ll refund every dime you spent.

But there's just one more thing!

You have only 5 days to get into the SYB Club. Admission portals are only open for 5 days in a month which is from 25th to 29th of every month and after then, you have to wait till the next month to get in. So, you have to act very fast.

To accept your invitation and seize your spot right now, choose any of the following flexible plans to sign up.

Registration opens in…

Grace Waniko
Grace Waniko CEO Gramott Wellness
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Before joining Coach Temi's mentoring program, I had a lot of conflicting thoughts and didn't quite know how to structure my brand properly. After I joined, I learnt to be bolder; built an email list; completed my ebook; learnt to write in a way that draws attention to my brand and build more brand awareness. The community is filled with wonderful and selfless people so we share regularly. The tools are very helpful and having the coaching call with Coach Temi is usually awesome.

Once you click any of the sign up buttons

  • You’ll be redirected to a payment page where you will choose any of the plans.

  • Select the plan you want and fill in your details to pay with your bank card or do a direct bank deposit.
  • Once your card payment is done, you will get a receipt via email, and a second email containing your login details and another email welcoming you to the club.


If you choose to pay with bank transfer, you will need to send us a mail with your proof of payment via we will send you an onboarding mail once we confirm your payment.

Remember you have just 5 days to accept your invitation.

I've made this a No-Brainer for you

You have the guns now…

And I’ve given you the bullet but it’s left for you to pull the trigger or not.

A month from now, you could be making your next million Naira or you might be getting absolutely nothing. Everything lies in the decision you make today.

If you’re truly tired of repeating the same old process and getting the same results, this should be a no-brainer for you.

Click the button below to join now.👇🏾

In case you’re wondering if this will work for you? here's what existing members are saying already:

Before I joined the Sell Your Brand Club, I didn’t have a brand. In fact, I was contemplating on what solution I want to be known for. Since joining the SYB club, I’ve been able to move from not being clear on my brand to creating visibility and having people reach out to me for the solution I have to offer. I will recommend the club to people who are not clear on their brand, people who want to move from unknown to known and people who want to make money using the solutions they have to offer.
Temilolu Adewole
Before I joined Temi’s mentoring, I was a complete novice on how to use social media for sales and marketing or even for recreation. I found the program very enlightening and mind-shifting.
As a result of the mentoring, I got the courage to put myself out there. I learnt how to make contents legible and pleasing to the eye for followers to take interest. I also learnt to bring myself up in order to be attractive to my ideal customers. Post program experience for me is that my thoughts are now being guided. I've learnt that it's not just about shooting bullets, but you must have something to aim at.
Coach Temi is very animated, engaging, interesting and good value for time and money because she definitely knows her stuff. I recommend this mentoring program to people who are looking to build a visible and profitable brand online.
Bidemi Omofaiya

Before I joined Coach Temi’s mentoring, I wasn't well positioned as a brand and so few people bought from me online. The program was a VISIBILITY explosion for me. It brought me out of my shell to do things I haven't done before.

The program made me discover my target audience, know where I can find them and position myself as the go-to person when they want to start a business. I have gained so much visibility and knowledge on how to get paid for my knowledge and the tools to promote my brand.

The program was worth 10x what I paid for. What I enjoyed most was Coach's invisible cane and how she would sanction you if you don't comply. I unreservedly recommend it to those who want to promote their personal brands or make a living from their knowledge.

Coach Temi knows her onion. She over-delivers.

Alimi Rukayat Juwon

Before I joined Temi’s mentoring, I did not know how to brand myself properly to attract the right clients. As a result of the program, my phobia for social media greatly reduced. I feel more confident to shamelessly talk about the value I offer and my price.

I believe TAME was God-sent to me because even after the program, I still hear Coach Temi's voice in my head giving me instructions. LOL. It has been wonderful working with Coach Temi. She helped me see that I am ok, that I know enough and should just go out there and showcase what I have to offer.

Her no-nonsense approach has motivated me to aim for more and do better. I also enjoyed the organised nature the questions and tasks per day/week came. The program was worth the resources I invested and I highly recommend it for people who want to be known for the value they offer especially online.

Jeremy Akinola

When I joined the mentoring program, I lacked the knowledge about how to put myself ‘out there’ even though I knew that I needed to gain more visibility for my business. I was in my comfort zone and needed a firm push out of it.

As a result of this program, my personal brand has gained more visibility, I have confronted and overcome some of my inner fears, I have gained more followers (and potential customers) on social media and I have gained more clarity about the services I should be offering.

I loved that the mentoring program didn't only tell us what to do but also how to go about it. The program was worth every kobo I invested because Coach Temi knows her onions. I recommend it to entrepreneurs that are shy, and those that don’t know how to leverage the online space for their businesses.

Dr Lola Ayangbayi

Before I joined Temi’s mentoring, I knew I needed hand-holding to move from serving my local community to being on a world view. I needed a guide and a road-map for putting myself and what I do, out on social media.

I found the mentoring to be really educational and impactful. With it, I got more visibility and learnt many new different concepts in relation to social media presence. I particularly enjoyed the tools, the community and the fact that there were deadlines for execution.

It was definitely worth more than I paid for it and I would recommend the program to coaches who want to launch their brand online and those who want to improve their online visibility.

Sherifat Olaogun

Frequently Asked Questions

The idea is to provide you with the right and hands-on strategies and tools you need to help you market and sell your brand successfully online.

In the club, I will be sharing with you tips and tricks I have employed that have made my business successfully online. You will also have the support of a community of people just like you, building their dream business.

Beautiful question! You get both! You get me during our Monthly Coaching Calls and during our Live Hot Seat sessions and I answer your questions under the Ask Me Anything posts every week.

Then, you also get my Assistant Coach to follow up with you on your tasks on a one on one level, allowing you to learn and execute ruthlessly on your goals.

Indeed, there could be cheaper monthly clubs out there but none is dedicated as we are to give you the kind of results we deliver on. The ones that do, cost an arm and a leg. Join us, and you will see for yourself.

You will need an internet-enabled laptop or phone to access the lessons in the club.
The club activities will be every month and you get access to Monthly Masterclass, Monthly Q and A sessions, Worksheets, etc. You will have access to these as long as your subscription is active.
No, not at all. SYB Club is specifically open to savvy and passionate individuals who need direction on how to sell their digital products and services online. It is a community with no geographical boundary because the principles that I share are applicable globally.

The SYB Club is strictly on a subscription basis. You can either pay quarterly ($90), bi-annually ($170) or yearly ($330).

Yes, you can join at any time but you would miss out the opportunity to join us now at the current discount price. You will also miss the Monthly Big Bonus we give to only current members of the club.

What makes you a member of the community is your active subscription, therefore once it expires, you cease to be a part of the community.

No. This program is for those who want to learn how to market and sell their brand, products and services online. For online business training, kindly visit:

Absolutely. With all the amazing results you will be getting from implementing the strategies shared in the club, we guarantee that you will be satisfied.

We believe that once you’re in, you will be hooked with the massive value you will be getting from the club. However if for any reason you have to leave the club, you can cancel any time.
Sell Your Brand Club is a membership program and as such, you will be learning among other upwardly mobile individuals like yourself who are passionate about growing their businesses. Your interactions with Coach Temi will be on the Facebook group and during the monthly live calls. If you would like to have more access to Coach Temi, we recommend you join her inner circle – The Business of Your Brand program at or book a private consultation with her at

Yes, you can. All you have to do is select ‘Direct Bank Transfer‘ on the check out page. You will see our bank details on the next page and further instructions.

Got more questions?

Ok… send a mail to or call/WhatsApp +234 814 734 5240

To sign up now, hit the link below...

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