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How To Sell Your Brand Online Webinar (Replay)

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SYB Frequently Asked Questions!!!

What do I need to access the content of the Sell Your Brand Club

You will need an internet-enabled laptop or phone to access the lessons in the club.

How exactly will the SYB Club run?

The club activities will be on a monthly basis and you get access to Monthly Masterclass, Monthly Q and A sessions, Accountability pods etc. You will have access to these as long as your subscription is active. The idea is to provide you with the right strategies and tools you need to help you market and sell your brand successfully online, especially by using automated methods.

When do I gain access after payment?

You will gain access immediately your payment is confirmed

How much is the registration fee?

As a founding member, the investment for SYB club is $33 monthly or $90 per 3 months or $330 per annum.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes you can, though we believe that once you’re in, you will be hooked with the massive value you will be getting from the club. However if for any reason you have to leave the club, you can absolutely cancel at any time.

I don’t have a bank card, can I pay into your local account?

Yes you can. All you have to do is select ‘Direct Bank Transfer‘ on the check out page. You will see our bank details on the next page and further instructions.

Is this club only for people who reside in Nigeria?

No, not at all. SYB Club is open to savvy and passionate individuals who need direction on how to sell their products and services online. It is a community with no geographical boundary because the principles that Coach Temi shares are applicable globally.

Can I pay in installments?

The Club is strictly on a subscription basis. You can either pay quarterly ($90), bi-annual ($170) or yearly ($330).

Can I remain in the community after my subscription expires?

What makes you a member of the community is your active subscription. Therefore once it expires, you cease to be a part of the community.

I can’t enroll for this club now, when would the next admission be?

Currently, admission is on for the next few days and may not be opened till next quarter.Also note that the registration fee increases per time.

Do I get one-on-one sessions with coach Temi?

Sell Your Brand Club is a group membership program and as such, you will be learning among other upwardly mobile individuals like yourself who are passionate about growing their businesses online. Your interactions with Coach Temi will be on the Facebook group and during the monthly live calls. If you would like to have more access to Coach Temi, we recommend you join her inner circle – The Business of Your Brand (3 months  group coaching program) at or book a private consultation with her at

Will Coach Temi be teaching me how to become a coach?

No, the purpose of this club is to help you master the automated marketing side of your business as a personal brand especially if you want to build a business around your skills, expertise, passion and experience.
If you would like to be coached on launching your business as a coach, visit

Will Coach Temi be teaching me how to start an online business?

No. This program is for those who want to learn how to market and sell their brand, products and services online. For online business training, kindly visit:

Is the Club satisfaction-guaranteed?

Absolutely. With all the amazing results you will be getting from implementing the strategies you will be getting from the lessons in the club, we guarantee that you will be satisfied. If you are not, you can request a refund within 7 days!


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